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The Mastiff Club of America, Inc.

MCOA Officers & Directors


Vice President

Dick Greaver


Recording Secretary

Heather Pearce Moore

Corresponding Secretary


Karen Paquette

Tim Plezbert

Tricia Dalman

Danielle Sanchez Hall

Committee Members

MCOA National Specialty Adviser:

Karen Park

MCOA AKC Delegate:

Becky Campbell

MCOA Membership Secretary :  

Niko Hagan 

MCOA AKC Gazette Columnist:

Karen Cornelius

Castle Keeper Times Editor:

Jennifer Lambden

MCOA Journal Editor:

Maria Ruoto

Ethics Chair:

Tricia Dalman

 Social Media Chair:

Jann Lanz

Handbook Revision Committee Chair:

Position Open

MCOA Working Dog Chair:

Jennifer Lambden

MCOA Working Dog Editor/Statistician:

Mary Speer

Mastiff Conformation Statistician:

Bonnie Blink

Judges Education Steering Committee Chair:
Diane Collings

Members Education Chair:

Cynthia Stewart

MCOA Futurity Director:

Julia Kriebs

MCOA Rescue Foundation Inc. (RFI)

Lisa Simon 

Website Design & Changes:

Tina Woods

 Sunshine Committee Chair:

Candi Thore

Health Committee Members

Health Committee Chair:

Mary DeLisa

Autoimmune Disorders:

Chair: Barbie Fiorentino

Dani Hall 


Chair: Tammy Kincade


Chair: Tricia Dalman

Tammy Kincade

Tina Woods 

Stephanie Seger  

Emily Drew



Chair: Stephanie Howells


Chair: Traci Weaver 

Mary DeLisa


Mary DeLisa

Eye Disorders:

Chair: Christi Henderson


Carla Sanchez

General Health Committee:

Lisa Edwards 

Carrie Nolin

Celeste Guererro

MCOA & OFA Champion of Health Awards:

Chair: Emily Drew

MCOA Charitable Trust Treasurer:

Lora Myroup

Neurological Disorders: (Wobblers and DM)

Chair: Stephanie Seger 

Anita Sanders

Dr. John Parker 

Maria Ruoto 


Orthopedic Disorders

Chair: Celeste Guerrero 

Seizure Disorders:

Chair: Carrie Nolan

Jann Lanz

Danna Burnett

Mastiff Information Packet

Packet includes: Breed Information, Breeder Referral List & Rescue Adoption Information .

 (enclose $5 check payable to MCOA to cover costs) to:

Kelly Meyer

2229 Tennessee Avenue 

Savannah, GA 31404