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The MCOA Health Committee


The Mastiff Club of America (MCOA) supports Mastiff health awareness through a variety of health programs and projects, educational outreach and research studies. All of which have been made possible through the help of the MCOA Health Committee and Health Sub-Committee volunteers, the MCOA Charitable Trust, the AKC CHF Mastiff Donor Advised Fund and individuals within and outside of the Mastiff Community. 

It is the Mission of the MCOA Health Committee to always consider the Betterment Of The Mastiff Breed & To Provide For Its Future...

It takes a group effort of team work to achieve our goals & objectives.


The MCOA Health Committee is pooling the resources of our Health Sub-Committees and various groups working on individual health problems, providing support and dialog, tracking health problems in all Mastiffs, encouraging all Mastiff owners to participate in health testing, keeping an eye on research, interfacing with the Canine Health Foundation, and helping to keep Mastiff owners and breeders informed of new developments and research opportunities with respect to health problems relevant to Mastiffs.

Today, we are seeing more and more new research being done where information is needed by researchers in the form of health histories, diagnostic reports, pedigrees, and DNA samples. Each day, new diagnostic tools are becoming available for detecting and tracking health problems and new treatment options are being developed.   These programs are dependent on your financial support and your Donations are appreciated. 


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