Working Dog Titles

This program was developed to encourage members to show the world that the Mastiff is still truly a working breed. The idea behind the title is to demonstrate the attributes of the breed which make it a truly noble working dog. Trainability, tractability and obedience are important characteristics of a working animal, as are good, sound and appropriate temperaments. 

Most certainly the dog should look like a Mastiff; it should be conformationally correct. 

And within the breed there should be evidence of versatility; tracking, search and rescue, agility, therapy work, and canine ambassadorship; are all examples of activities befitting of a noble breed. 

With these basic tenets in mind, the MCOA Working Dog Committee set out to develop the criteria for establishing the Novice Working Dog, Working Dog, Working Dog Excellent and Working Dog Supreme titles. 

The process of developing and refining the title is dynamic as the committee continues to search for new and better ways to showcase our breed and as new events and titles are established.  There are four categories of performance events. 

Category 1:  Obedience – This includes all the AKC titling obedience events from Beginner Novice thru Obedience Master

Category 2:  Temperament – This includes Canine Good Citizen, Temperament Testing, Therapy Dog and Canine Ambassador activities.

Category 3:  Performance – This is a broad category that includes Agility, Drafting, Tracking/Nose Work/Barn Hunt, and Coursing!

Category 4:  Special Areas – This includes Conformation titles, including Grand Champions, Freestyle Obedience, and Rally Obedience.  Also ‘Other’ - anything that is not specifically on the list can be included for points in this category with approval by the WD Committee on a case by case basis.

For a NWD title, a dog must earn a minimum of 100 points from 3 categories.

For a dog to qualify for the WD title it must earn a minimum of 100 points from 3 categories. 

For a WDX title 200 points must be earned from 3 categories (no more than 100 points may be earned from any 1 category). 

For the WDS title 300 points must be earned from at least 3 categories (no more than 150 points may be earned from any 1 category). 


Working Dog Application

To earn your Working Dog title, simply mail a completed copy of the Working Dog Application form and all of the supporting documentation to the MCOA Working Dog Statistician:

Mary Speer

2346 140th Avenue

Glenwood City, WI 54013

We will acknowledge receipt of your application and notify you of any missing items.

It should be noted that this is NOT an AKC title. It has been developed by the M.C.O.A. to award versatile dogs of the mastiff breed.

If there are any questions at al concerning this title, please feel free to contact Jennifer Lambden (Chair) at

MCOA - WD Application Rev 0318 (pdf)


Draft test RULES & Regulations

For a list of the rules and regulation for draft dog testing please download the form below. 

MCOA Draft Regulations Rev 0610 (pdf)